Free Satoshi Incentive Walls

You can now earn satoshi for taking free surveys and installing mobile games and apps. We have several different walls, and if you view this page on your laptop/desktop computer then you will see more online suveys, if you view this page on your mobile phone then you will see more apps to install.
Tips: Come back to [] on your mobile phone as it will be easier to install apps.
And make sure to click to try our 5x different walls as they all have different surveys and games!
Bugs: Please be patient, some walls take 30-60 minutes to report your satoshi. Some walls don't show the balance properly on the wall, but if you click to see your account you will see the Satoshi against your "Incentive Wall" balance when credited. Lastly, if clicking to install an app takes you to the wrong app then don't install, come back to the wall and try another.

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